CommonPlace 2010—2015

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Title: Creative Director, Product Designer, Front-end Developer

In 2012 I moved from Tampa, FL to Cambridge, Mass. to join the Harvard-based startup CommonPlace. Founded by Peter Davis and Max Novendstern, who at the time were students, it was conceived with the intentions of being a more civic-minded community bulletin board. A place for neighbors to connect, share, and help one another based on their professor Robert Putnam's views on 'social capital'.

In 2016, I helped co-found The Laboratory of Civic Technology (Civic Tech Lab), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our flagship project was to redesign and re-launch CommonPlace as an open-source platform with the help of online volunteers.

More information about CommonPlace can be found here.

CommonPlace Redesign (2017-2018)

CommonPlace Demo (2015)

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CommonPlace Civic Handbook (Lexington)