As customers interact with us, we collect data about their behavior and preferences.

With data we build models.

Subscriber Segmentation

WSJ customers have been grouped by similar over-indexed responses on lifestyle, news preferences, and demographics and cultivated into 6 core segments.

More on Customer Segments

Subscriber Predictive Attrition (SPA)

SPA scores are standardized measurements reflecting future subscriber churn across News Corp properties.

Customer Appraisal Score (CAS)

Customer Appraisal Scores are individualized assessments of the current and future monetary value of a customer.

Loyalty, Engagement, Affinity, use Patterns (LEAP)

Standardized measurement to understand customer behavior and engagement.

Next Best Action (NBA)

Segmentation, SPA, CAS, LEAP form a foundation to predict the next best action to drive customers through lifecycles.

Our models drive personalization.

What do we know about our customers?

SPA scores:

SPA scores by Geolocation:

Segments by Geolocation:

Segments by Platform: