Our Approach

  • Building a data culture
  • A cross functional team of doers and implementers
  • Prefer investment in talented people over tools
  • Best in class data tech stack
  • Everyone in the team should be able to code
  • Create data products in preference to static reports
  • Agile - fast moving, focused on business results
  • Collaborative engagement model with stakeholders
  • Strong design ethos - using visuals to tell stories with data

Our Team

Our Expertise

Our Roles

Product Managers

Our product managers bridge the gap between technology and the needs of the business. They coordinate the many moving parts of a project, balancing the demands of stakeholders, and organizing the workflow of the team.

Data Scientists

Our data science team draws from a wide multi-disciplinary background. They are experts in machine learning, statistics, computer science, computational biology, etc. Our diverse backgrounds allows us to find the best approach to every problem.

Data Engineers

Our data engineers are polyglots by design. They need to be able switch technology contexts quickly and are inquisitive and able to dive deep into complex data-related questions. They must be able to deal with any sort of data, small or large, structured or not.

Data Governance

It is critical to look after the interest of the customer in a rapidly changing digital landscape. We define and maintain privacy policies, standardize data collection, while educating the business and ensuring they are in compliance with ethics and standards.


Through design, we are able to communicate complex ideas to a broader audience. As our team builds data products, design works to enhance the user experience with interactive data visualizations, infographics, and help innovate new ideas for various digital platforms.

Our Work


News Helm


News Helm provides the Newsroom with unprecedented access to real-time analytics through a readily available, self-service web-based application.


News Helm launched in July enabling section editors to monitor content performance within their bureaus: View Site

Large-Scale Data Analysis


When the newsroom receives large-scale data sets, Data Science is on hand to quickly process data into analysis.

As a preliminary text-parsing exercise that will form part of a future document processing pipeline, Data Science delivered on Hillary Clinton's private emails that were publicly released. This was published as part of a Capital Journal blog post on the Wall Street Journal website: View Site

Consulting for WSJ Interactive Graphics


Dow Jones Interactive Graphics Team builds infographics to complement Wall Street Journal content. Data Science provides statistical advisement when requested, resulting in creative collaboration between the two groups.


The NCAA Madness Machine is a recommendation tool for constructing personalized college basketball tournament brackets: View Site


Professional Information Business (PIB)

KEPLER: Risk & Compliance Tool


KEPLER provides a highly visual, responsive, and interactive user experience to the R&C (Risk and Compliance) dataset. This product also contains the tools and pipelines to regularly ingest R&C data updates. View Site

NEWTON: kNowledge Extraction Workflow from Text and News


NEWTON is a data processing and predictive pipeline that analyzes large volumes of news and other unstructured content (> 300K articles per day). With NEWTON we can semi-automate the identification of key relationships in FACTIVA content and generate hypotheses (or leads) to help prioritize content to evaluate, keep or reject.